Can’t Find the Zillow Walkthrough Online? That is because they moved it!

Zillow relocated the walkthrough to the very end of the
web page after the last photograph uploaded. You will still 
see the white play button on the image and can click it there. 

According to my source at Zillow, he stated:

“The walkthrough will now be placed after the last photo. We’ve made this change after in-depth study of our users behaviors, and noting that home shoppers are likely to engage with videos only after they’ve vetted photos for a listing – regardless of where the video is positioned. As such, we’ve made the decision to adjust video placement in order to align more closely with home shopper behavior.”

 I guess that makes sense….. But If you want to see the limited stats that remain available, look to the right under ‘Overview‘ and you’ll see the Days, Views and Saves. The graphs and charts are not as easy to see now unless you are a Premiere Zillow Agent but if you shoot me an email then I can send them to you. 

I will keep you in the loop if anything changes! 

Did you know that having a slideshow or video on the Zillow page can boost your listing’s views and saves? Because Antis Photography is a ‘Zillow Certified’ company we can upload on your behalf even if you are not a Zillow Premiere member. We can go through the back-end of the listing site and load a property video or slideshow for you.  Here is our pricing below if you are interested! 

  • Create Slideshow of Photos $25
  • Upload Slideshow or Property Video to the Listing $50

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