Staging a home in nice furnishings and decor helps market a home to make a good sale. It is an important step in selling a home. This is a good practice that increases interest in the available home. While it’s important, there is another option that is virtually helpful to people viewing the home online. Since 90% of home buyers start their home search online first, it is important to have a strong first impression that showcases the property well.

 Virtual Staging Savings

It is common that one could spend anywhere from $3,000-$10,000 or more to stage a home, this is a costly decision to make. The staging could appeal to some, yet others may not appreciate the style or room design. This could create an image to a potential buyer say perhaps the style is too modern and therefore affects the space itself as it inhibits someone’s own personal vision of the home. This can be a pricey chance to take if spending a lot of money. There is a solution. Showcasing a home even if it is merely a virtual view, displays how rooms may look with different purposes, furniture and decor. It is easy to save money using virtual technology to set up furnishings in an empty room. On average, Virtually Staged homes sell on average 19% higher amount.

 People See a Home They Want

Let a buyer’s imagination be inspired about what they can do with the home. Most sellers and realtors understand that the listing online is important. With virtual staging it is effectively setting the stage for buyers to see the home’s potential. To create the scene of a quality home worth buying, virtual staging assists people to envision the home in different ways, or simply view a home with furniture even if the home is currently empty! Of course, it is important to let people know that the photos are decorated with virtually added furniture, simply so they are aware and so you do not get fined on the MLS.

People have different style wants and needs in a home. Perhaps someone wants a den or a game room, while someone else wants a spare guest room. It’s important to allow viewers to see rooms set up in different ways. The same room can be viewed with different furniture set ups. Through the vision of skilled professional photography and editing, the great capability of virtual staging creates different versions of rooms in the same home. This is a great way to help people interested in the home visualize the home as they want it. Virtually staged homes sell 78% faster on average.

Professional Virtual Staging Means a Potentially Faster Sale

Another great perk! The chance for a faster home sale increases as people can virtually view the home and see that their needs are well suited. Virtual home staging is fun, less expensive, and an easier option for buyers to preview a seller’s home in a different light.

Antis Photography is now offering a less expensive, yet highly effective option to traditional vacant home staging. Whether you have a buyers from nearby looking online, or investors from afar, virtual staging offers benefits to everyone. If cost is a consideration for your property, then Virtual Staging is a great approach to market a vacant home.

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